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Kayleen’s books have a special theme underlining every story; encouragement, empowerment and edification. She is the author and/or the illustrator of 2 Christian picture books Adoptive Father and Better Than a Superhero and 2 secular picture books, Without Me? and Celia and Nonna. All books are different but about identity and acceptance and healthy decision making. Emotional security is a fundamental message she likes to deliver. She also has developed characters to workshop with children on the topic of healthy values that help children understand how values help their relationships with others. Drama is used to encourage creativity and embrace the lesson.

Kayleen gave the teachers lots of writing ideas. I got my grade to draw pictures from squiggles and write about them coming to life.  Amanda Enright – CRT Grade 2. Rye Primary School

Interesting and students were engaged for the whole session – illustration and activity excellent, Thank you. Michelle Venturin – Class teacher. Rye Primary School

Children's Illustrator in Schools

Sketching up characters on the spot from the children’s scribbles. They try so hard to trick me! One of their most loved part of the visit.

Kayleen can work with all ages from small children to adults, sharing the process of story in words and pictures in a format suitable for the age of the audience. She can deliver appropriate sessions for both a Christian and secular audience.


Why is story telling so important and fun?
How can we write or draw stories to help others?
Every picture tells a story, but how do you create a whole story in a few pages?
How do you communicate emotion?
How does a book get published?
What is it like to be both an author and illustrator?
What is editing and how important is that to a children’s book?
What is a book dummy?
What is a thumbnail sketch?
How do you come up with story ideas?
How long do I make my story?
How to develop a character?
Thinking outside the box – eyes and imagination.
Mr Squiggle technique explored.

Emotive workshops and lessons:
Why do I matter?
Why do we respect others?
How can I practice values and be happier for it?
Puppets with personality – exploring charters while exploring ourselves.
Values that are fun.

Kayleen answers all these questions and more in her interactive and engaging sessions. She can shows real examples of her working process including sketch development and the final colour process.


Kayleen can workshop with students on their own book dummy or story ideas. She will work with schools and writing and art societies to suit their student or members’ needs.

Both students and teachers will come away from sessions more enlightened and passionate about writing or illustrating for children, or each other.


She is also catering for home schools. She would love to share with home-schooling parents and educators, visiting via affordable Skype or Google+ video chats.


Early childhood events, School classrooms, bookshop and library readings, school workshop programs, library functions and librarian education seminars, conferences, home schooling, church kids ministry events, art society meetings and demonstrations and author marketing sessions.

Kayleen is also available for joint panel discussions on Children’s books and author platform or marketing.


Education and event packs are available for classrooms and event organisers. The Gold Pack is inclusive of all her titles (including Christian) and teaching material, book marks etc. The Silver Pack is exclusive of Christian titles or any Christian content. Contact her directly for information or to order.
Note: These packs are updated as she creates more activities for her books and publishes more titles.

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