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52 Week Gift Card Challenge – #19 Fish

This would have been the most busiest months ever for me, but I am still on board with this personal challenge. I can’t believe we are up to week 19 and I have actually kept up! I feel like waving a superwoman cape at you 🙂

It was time for some mixed media and collage. Why? Because my sketchbook had a few blank pages from Copic markers leaching through the pages. The moleskin book is thick but those inks are pretty powerful.

I re-purposed an older classic, Alice in wonderland, that was sadly falling apart. It wasn’t an antique (I did check) but had those lovely aged-coloured pages in it. My 20 cent purchase from the COM opportunity shop has not only been read by 3 extra children, but will now be recycled into many future mixed media creations. What a life this little book has lived and what a bargain!

I might turn this one into a thank you card for teachers. A profession that is much appreciated in this home.

School of fish. Mixed media children's illustration.

School of fish. Mixed media children’s illustration.

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