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Drawing on Furniture Free DIY Video Series

Facebook Live series Drawing on furniture

Grab coffee or wine & watch me do all the work, or…


…join in and PLAY!


Hey friends!  If you are curious about drawing for any reason or love art on furniture, you’ll want to check out the live video series I’m offering.

It begins this THURSDAY! 7.30PM EST

And I’m offering it at mates rates – FREE!!!

I’ll first introduce basic drawing. You can then either scribble away while we chat or if you would like to work on a similar project alongside, you can do that too.

Or you can take a deep sigh-break and do absolutely nothing except watch.

Just like TV.

Except there’s rarely anything worth watching on TV anyway – right?

I’m not sure how many weeks it will take to complete the elaborate design I’ve planned for this coffee table top. The weekly live will go for about 45 minutes to an hour.

I’ll also demonstrate how I use my own reference to create the design.

The design will be a beautiful seahorse and floral design.

It will be stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I were ever a sea creature, I’d love to be a seahorse. Wouldn’t you? They are so elegant and beautiful!

And so….

If you’re on Facebook, please let your friends know (share this post or on Facebook – or both!).

I’d love you to join me for a chat while I share this exciting new project with you in real time.

If you haven’t participated in a live video before – try mine!

I love the connection with people like you. It’s more personal than silly emails hey?


I hope to see you, pencil in hand and ready to learn or just watch.

Kayleen 🙂

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