Free colouring pages for your support!

I have become addicted to creating colouring pages since my new book Positively Quote Colouring Book. I have clients asking for them too which is wonderful!

I’m developing some of my Inktober sketches more and turning a few into free colouring pages and future colouring projects.  Please tell your friends and Facebook groups where to find the free pages while they are live and about my new book. I’ll add more goodies over time as a thank you for all your support! The generosity of people sharing my book  and offering all kinds of helpful advice has been astounding. I feel very blessed to have such a caring community behind me.

Today I am offering free colouring pages for my followers as a thank you for all your support with the pre-launch of Postively Quote Colouring Book. I’ll keep the free colouring pages up for a time as space permits.

I encourage you to share photos of any of my illustrations you colour on social media and let me know. I would love to see the free colouring pages appreciated. It will inspire me to do more.

Free Colouring Pages: Kids colouring page - Patchwork Rabbit

Here is the freebie on offer today!
Click image to go to the free colouring pages

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