I can’t stop drawing, drawing, drawing!

Daily Doodle Happy Hippo birthday card. Childrens illustration

Scribble, scribble, scribble. I carry my sketchbook everywhere and now I have my baby Cintiq in my lap TV time means more drawing time. My family like to wind down with the TV and I like o draw. Why the influx of extra drawing? Well….apart from working on the sketch stage of an awesome new book, I have added Daily Doodle to my routine more. I don’t participate every day, but pick a few to challenge myself .Here is a catch up on some of my Daily Doodle drawing…

Drawing is the key ingredient to a strong portfolio. The more you draw the stronger your work will be. The best illustrators draw exceptionally well. A sketchbook can be your best friend. When I see illustrators with piles of sketchbooks I almost need a bucket to drool in! I regret not drawing in my own sketchbooks more often but now I do a lot; illustrating at church my notes (I remember the message a lot better this way), sketching whenever it is not anti-social, early before the kids wake, when my husband is training – any time I can.

This year I know my work has advanced because of the amount of drawing I’m doing. I have always had the skill to copy and draw but imaginative drawing is another ball game all together. My imaginative drawing has strengthened as a result of the challenge themes. Just like writing challenges or other goals you commit to, you end up far more productive when faced and focused on a regular challenge.

This week I found a quiet cafe/restaurant with a sitting area where I can work away from my studio. A get away like this was needed to get me out of the studio and my desk. I intend to meet with others ans scribble in the near future and encourage others to start drawing more. It is SO MUCH FUN!

How often are you drawing? Maybe do a little today?

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  1. Kayleen
    Kayleen says:

    Hi Jacqui,

    Yes, I have seen you grow quickly on the challenge page – well done. I wouldn’t worry about finished drawings in your sketchbook unless that is something you want to do. Our sketchbooks should be our playground where we have permission to mess around and mess up, experimenting and generally doing what we want. In this way I have grown more. I do show some of mine but there is no pressure to. It is private only until you feel okay to share. Let it be a place you enjoy rather than one of parameters and expectations. Enjoy!

  2. Jacqui
    Jacqui says:

    I love your sketches, they are so adorable. The Daily Doodle sounds like a great idea. I try to draw every day, doesn’t always happen, but I try. Like you I really see a difference when I do. I have found challenges are the best thing to keep me going. I nearly always have a sketchbook and pen with me, is great for passing the time on public transport. My sketches tend to be very rough though, I think I need to devote more time to doing more finished type pieces.
    Thanks so much for the inspiration Kayleen.


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