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Now, I finally have the hang of uploading video to YouTube, you can have a sneaky peak into a little sketchbook that took a little tour around the world via The Sketchbook Project. I filmed my sketchbook from The Sketchbook Project in 2012 when painting its cover. You can see all the pages in the video too. I came a cross the file this week and thought “It is time to upload this!”

I got to hold it and look through my little sketchbook one more time late last year when the library traveled to Melbourne Australia. I know it is sentimental of me but there is something adoptive about a sketchbook and I NEVER part with them or tear pages from them. This was a big deal for me. A single piece of art (no problem) but a set like this was a reluctant gift. The motivation was the fact I could appreciate the thrill of a traveling exhibition like this. I know I like to pour over other people’s sketch journals.

It now resides in the Brooklyn library’s permanent collection.

The Sketchbook Project touring.

The Sketchbook Project visit. Melbourne National Gallery cafe with my daugter and a little street art going up as we drive past an alley in Melbourne. Me with my little sketchbook for one last hold.

A little visitors tip: When visiting the mobile library, there is a lot of queuing involved. I was a little frustrated so share the sketchbooks with some others on the table. If you borrow and share you’ll see much more in the time you have. If you are a bit selective, I would suggest you look up who’s sketchbooks you want to view prior.

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