PLAYfessional Facebook – The Journey is about to begin!

Playfessional Facebook banner

PLAYfessional Facebook – New creations galore! The banner has changed, the email, the content and even a bot! A bot you ask? Yes a notification robot to send broadcasts before a #LIVE video on Facebook. And that is just the beginning. This blog on all that’s happening on my website & social media & how it will impact followers for the better.

PLAYfessional on Facebook & Changes

To pave the way for great things, first one must clear the waters – right?

If you were to get inside my little skull (Lord help you!), you’d see the sparks going off everywhere. You would have a revelation of why this energetic girl drops creative bombs all over the internet. But now more (well kind of) Let me explain.

In the works…

I am still developing a heap of fun stuff you are not going to want to miss – believe me! I want to journey with people more and not just share my own. I am about to take the most curious of my following under my wings and help them to be the best they can be. If a private group sounds like your thing, you could extra clever and  email me early and get in first.

I am getting myself in order putting the professional in my play. I’m getting REAL folks! You are about to get ALL of me – 100% AUTHENTIC and bursting with variety but all CREATIVE.

Sister, I am TALKING and WRITING like me, CREATING awesome stuff like me, SHARING what I please and WHERE I love most!

I am a creative hive of activity that has several areas of skill and passion. For some time I separated these to “do what is required” of me. But one day I woke up and realised it was CRAZY! I was running a race trying to contain the in-containable (is that a word?). People where asking for ALL of what I created and AM. They didn’t want to search out pieces of art and illustration here–book stuff there—journalling and organisation inspiration over this way—illustrated faith notes on my private space only AND painted furniture makeovers nestled only there! Ad it was impossible to update EVERYONE – LORD HELP ME! So here’s the plan.

Follow along this way…

*** HERE by subscribing and following my email links to the content. >>>> (sign me up!)***

Here on my website/blog, I will have more detailed articles, tips and inspiration, free downloadable resources and teaching e-course and product information. Make sure you are subscribed for this!

**** PLAYessional on Facebook ***

I have only 1 page on Facebook now. I play here: Kayleen West – Artist & Furniture PLAYfessional / (https://www.facebook.com/PPLAYfessionalEDU/)
This is where I play every day and regularly go live!


In closing folks…

You will get a lot less frustrated and hopefully a lot excited about my shares, now they are collectively gathered – Yay!

Thanks for your following regardless. I appreciate you all!


Instagram: I do post in Instagram but not as much and here. Follow me on Instagram here

YouTube: I will post my videos to YouTube but basically if you follow this blog via email and join me on Facebook you won’t miss out but if you play over there this is my subscription button for notifications as I upload!

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