Printers Proofs for Picture Book Arrive.

I always greet my postman with a smile, even more so when he delivers proofs fro a new book. I like him when he drops off new books to read too. I really don’t think I will loose the childish thrill of a new paper book.

You would think that my work ended there wouldn’t you? Nope, far from it my friends. You can bet your bottom dollar there will be some sneaky mistakes that surface after the first proofs, yes we found the scoundrels. Edits and more rechecking and then there is gearing up for the launch. I think there is sleep in there somewhere, somehow–perhaps not.

Anyways, I thought you would like to take a peek. These cam a little different than my last book (which was in sheets of 4). The reason being that they are from a different printer. I was really happy with the colour and especially how the cover turned out. I am looking forward to October 1st and a bound copy, so are my kids who all expect their own of course.

Picture book proofs for Without Me

Picture book proofs for Without Me arrived.

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