Sketchbooks, Art Nouveua and Paris Indigo/Premiere Vision Print Show

Sweet Petite - Art Nouveau influenced illustration

There is no denying Europe is queen of decoration and I love decoration! I have always had a sweet spot for the elaborate, ornate and beautiful ancient artifacts of old. I didn’t realise until recently the appeal is all centered around pattern; simple objects combined in a flooded collection creating a visual explosion. A great example is Art Nouveau. As I look at styles of this area and those of Art Florentine and Art deco, it all accumulates into an inspiration that makes my heart pump that little bit faster.

This  week my evening downtime scribbles had a notable influence as this sweet little face fell onto the paper via my ink biro. I called this illustration, Sweet Petite

This is another inspired by this era:

Fabulous Fashion: Ink pen illustration in a sketchbook

Fabulous Fashion: Ink pen illustration in a sketchbook

Indigo/Premiere Vision Field Report

Earlier this month I posted on Supergraph to share a little insight on stall holders there. You can find the post here. This week my designer friend, Lidijia Paradinovic wrote an informative  report on Indigo/Premiere Vision print show in Paris.

It was interesting to note the preference of pattern buyers where drawn to the experience of feeling the pattern on fabric rather than when printed on paper. Additionally, the attraction to more traditional designs rather than trend orientated designs dominating the sales. You can read her report on Pattern Observer here.  Lidijia writes as she designs; decoratively. You can visit her website at Celandine Design.

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