Using Hemp Oil

Video Using Hemp Oil and more information

Using Help Oil.

This week, I recorded a Facebook Livecast on PLAYfessionalEDU, where I demonstrated using hemp oil and liquid umber wax in combination -video below. I also used gold gilding wax to create subtle accents on a set of bedside drawers. Following the video and into the next day I was getting a lot of messages asking questions and didn’t have time to answer them all.

It seemed sensible and helpful to answer them here. This will help I’m sure but if you have any more, post a comment below and I will edit the post to include your answers too when I can.

Hemp Oil Drying time:

Hemp oil is classified as a drying oil because of its ability to polymerize into a solid form. It will cure within the finished surface (wood or paint) and become strong once fully dried. It is humid here at the moment and my help oiled furniture is dying more slowly as a result. Drying time is approximately 2 weeks to 30 days, depending on room temperature and humidity. You can still use your finished furniture in the meantime, however, be sure it is oil free and protect it from water and excess wear and tear until curing time is complete.


Using Hemp Oil and applying it easily:

When using hemp oil, wipe generously but evenly with a dry cloth. Be sure to wipe off excess oil once it has soaked into your surface. I wiped my bedside tables over this morning to get the excess oil off and push the oil into any patches. Ensure you use lint-free cloths. Use a couple of coats if needed. You will have to judge the surface by how much it absorbs. Once it won’t soak up anymore it is done.
Brushes are not needed for oil unless it makes it easier to get into spots. Eg. I used a brush on the wood strapping on this sea chest I did to get into tight areas where the wood met the surface of the trunk.
Using Botanics Hemp Oil on a Sea ChestNatural finishes are so easy to apply and worth the patient effort, but not always convenient if you are in a hurry. For more information click the image below.


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