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We Worship God by Kayleen West and Nancy Streza

We Worship God

We Worship God – Limited AU copies…

In Australia NOW!

Exploring the character of God through alphabetical devotion

I thoroughly enjoyed and fondly illustrated We Worship God. Each illustration is painted in watercolour. A very limited number of books have arrived in Australia. I have the only copies! Order your copies by here!

We Worship God, ABC Christian Picture Book. Nancy Streza and Kayleen West

‘C’ page (comforter)

We WWe Worship God, ABC Christian Picture Book. Nancy Streza and Kayleen Westorship God – Poetic ACB

We Worship God is written by a very talented US author, Nancy Streza. This beautiful picture book is not only an alphabetical story but a poetic dedication of praise – so clever! I can imagine this book will be recited by children. I fell hard for this one-it felt like an extension of Adoptive Father and my heart was immediately invested. Rainbows of love poured from my brush as I personally devoted each illustration to our amazing God.

I took several studio and work in progress photos so I’ll share more later on the making of the book. Perhaps even a video.

It is so good to finally get to share with you this gorgeous new picture book!

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    • Kayleen
      Kayleen says:

      Hi Jennie, I have edited the book’s availability. It is now available to pre-order. There will be a very limited amount available in Australia though. Amazon is the other alternative.

  1. Cheryl Gibbs
    Cheryl Gibbs says:

    Hi Kayleen. I stumbled across your website whilst looking at adult colouring pencils and associated art tools. I have to say I was absolutely thrilled to see that you are a Christian and that your illustrations are gorgeous. We have a very talented lady in our church who can also draw and illustrate and has sold some art. Her name is Barbara and I couldn’t believe it when I saw just a small sample of her work. She has some sort of debilitating and terminal disease but we are believing for miraculous healing for her. I love her dearly and I think I will tell her about your website when I see next as she isn’t always at church. I love your work. It is a God-given talent and I am sure you praise Him daily for it. Keep up the great work – you give glory to Him and I am looking forward to meeting you in heaven if not before! God bless. I thought I saw some ink pens or suchlike on your website but cannot now find them. Can you tell me what they were and what I should look for please? I want to start doing some quality ink colouring. I will continue to look for them again as well.

    • Kayleen
      Kayleen says:

      Hi Cheryl, what a lovely comment! Yes please do share with your friend and I will say a prayer for her too.

      I’m not sure what ink pens you refer to. I use an assortment of ink pens but Artline is a favourite for inking. That may be what I mentioned. It is a combination of ink and paper that works or not. Watch the paper you use behaves in response to the ink and doesn’t bleed too much.You’ll need something smooth.



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