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A furniture painter’s worst fear. Please no not again!

What is a furniture painter’s worst fear?

Have you ever invested your heart and soul into a creative piece, built something or written something beautiful and then as soon as it is complete and perfect –something terrible happens to your perfect creation? This has to be a furniture painter’s worst fear surely? It is no longer finished or complete. You need to fix it right? Not doing something about it would my furniture painter’s worst fear too.

As a furniture painter it is heart wrenching is to put your whole heart and a bucket of time into a beautiful piece only to watch it be damaged–before it even has a life! At times I really struggle to watch clients pickup their furniture. I know it is now their my a few second ago they where my babies-right. This has happened a few times to me and is horrifying to watch unfold. I am confident that if you paint furniture for other people it will happen to you too.

Once one of my over zealous clients threw the large item into a van on top of a shelf. It was forced in and a side piece came off it. On closer inspection it looked like it had never been glued properly in the first place so was an easy fix. None the less, I felt ill watching the big push!

furniture painter's worst fear

The second one was very recent. Another client had a few people helping to take home this beautiful blue boy. I think there was a bit of coordination challenges and I feared for its life watching it leave m,y driveway. Sure enough, shortly after it arrived home, I received a phone call from a distressed client, telling me her new baby had been damaged. My reaction? You guessed it… pleeeeeeeeeeze noooooooooooo!

This week I had to try and rescue it. It had some nasty gouges in the side. The challenge was that I had used a special mix of paint colour and wondered if I could match it perfectly. I prayed, held my breath, mustered up some faith and marched into my clients home pit-bull determined to finish with success.

I’m sure it would be a scary thing to tackle for most furniture painters. If you are one of them, I have good news. I created this video a a super quick tutorial for you. Or maybe you know a painter this would help. Please share it if you do! It might help them sweat less when it happens to them. Please share in any groups that may benefit too.

The biggest furniture painter’s fear tuned into yet more experience – and a video to boot!

The video speaks for itself and my client commented on my Facebook page, Upcycled Beauty this.

“Baby doing well thanks to furniture doctor Kayleen West. And a much relieved blue boy mum ?”



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